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 Our Mission

To provide creative spirits with a unique art and philanthropic centered travel experience that inspires global impact through creativity, connection and conservation.



The desire to travel with the purpose of creating art designed to raise awareness of and support for humanitarian and conservation efforts globally.

We are not a travel company. We are Philartripists.

We curate epic philanthropic photo trips.

Our unique travel experiences set us apart from ordinary “tour companies”. Sure, there are a lot of really great travel operators out there. We’re not knocking them. We actually want to find the best ones out there for you.

We also want to introduce you to well respected NGO organizations and immerse you into life-changing humanitarian and animal conservation projects that they have in the works.

We not only provide exciting opportunities for exploration of nature and wildlife, we also coordinate opportunities to educate guests on important conservation and humanitarian efforts in progress in the areas that they visit. We aim to inspire guests to aide in these efforts by sharing their experiences through their art to raise awareness. We will teach them effective ways to generate sales of their creations and the importance of giving back a portion of proceeds to the charitable organizations that run the projects that they just visited.

Our adventures are hosted by expert photographers, artists, local guides and NGO project leaders.

Your philartripic journey starts here.