About us…

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We’re different.

We, meaning “us”… including you.

We’re artists.

We have an insatiable desire to explore, create and make an impact. We go on amazing trips, see epic stuff, do fun things, share our images with others, get a lot of “likes” and followers…

And we are left felling empty and unfulfilled.

It’s not enough… just to travel and take pretty pictures or create lovely paintings. There needs to be something more to it. Something BIGGER.

We need to somehow use our art to make a difference in this big, beautiful, complicated world that we live in.

But how?

Trying to do it alone can feel very overwhelming.

We’re here to help. Here’s how…

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First, we show you some of the things that really matter.

Your adventures in the field.

Our adventures are about more than just the places. They are about the living beings that are in them. We are dedicated towards helping creatives to leave a lasting imprint on the places, wildlife and people that they visit.

We have partnered up with some of the most well-respected non-profit organizations and tour companies to bring you on epic journeys that serve to uplift and inspire you. Not only will you see awe-inspiring sights… you will meet the locals, learn about their culture and see where they live and work. You may have the chance to learn about and assist in wildlife conservation efforts.

Hosted by expert photographers, artists, local guides and NGO project leaders.

Check out some examples of past philanthropic adventures here.