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Best of Kenya 2019

In February, 2019, Adventure Artists International co-founder Susan Schmitz set off on an epic journey throughout Kenya, Africa over the week of her 50th birthday. This trip was hosted by one our favorite safari companies, Wild Eye Destinations.

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2018 South Africa Safari and School Visit

April returns to the town of Lilydale, South Africa and can hardly believe her eyes! After Africa Foundation helped to renovate the school, the community surrounding it grew exponentially and is now thriving. Her efforts to make a difference through the art that she was inspired to create after her 2011 trip really paid off.

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2011 South Africa With Africa Foundation

Back in 2011, I set off on my first journey to Africa with the eco-tourism company &Beyond. During this safari, I had the opportunity to go on a local community visit with a representative from Africa Foundation (USA) to tour schools, orphanages and medical centers. It was here that the seeds were planted for what has now grown to become Adventure Artists International.

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